Filebeat-6.2.3: timestamp issue with output.kafka

filebeat version: filebeat-6.2.3
kafka version:
filebeat.yml as follows:


  • type: log
    enabled: ture
    • /opt/filebeat/test.log
      log_topic: test
      tag: bdu

hosts: ["kafka1", "kafka2", "kafka3"]
topic: '%{[fields.log_topic]}'
required_ack: 1

It works perfect, but I have a requirement for changing the default @timestamp format (ISO 8601)
from: "@timestamp": "2018-04-12T10:58:01.787Z"
to: "@timestamp": "2018-04-12T18:58:01.787+08:00"

and I found in the /var/lib/filebeat/registry
the timestamp is exactly the format I need

is it possible to get the timestamp format in /var/lib/filebeat/registry ?

is there any other solution like getting the local time in fields ?

Have a look at
date {
match => [ "@timestamp", "YYYY-MM-ddddTHH:mm:ssZZ" ]
or something like this could work.
You need some testing. Also i wouldn't quite recommend messing with timestamp itself, not sure how kibana/elastic might be affected.Try to create a second field "custom_date"(?) and test on that.

Edit: My bad you are not using logstash, you can't use this approach unless you add logstash in your stack.

Thanks for the respond

So is it possible to have a field like this:

timestamp: {local host time}

Cause I haven’t figured out what variable to deal with that

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