Filebeat 6.3.2 and logstash 6.2.3 does not work

Someone checked the return compatibility of filebeat-6.3.2 and logstash 6.2.3 versions?

I have ELK a stack. Logstash accepts a stream, puts in redis and behind that from him sends Elasticsearch. Today I tried to adjust work of the applications stated above. Identical configs of filebeat result in different results. Filebeat 6.2.3 sends data to logstash 6.2.3 and I see them in Kibana. BUT Filebeat 6.3.2 doesn't send data with the same config as version 6.2.3

My config:

- input_type: log
     - /opt/app/applogs/logs/app-logstash.json.log
  json.keys_under_root: true
  json.add_error_key: true
  json.message_key: message
  json.overwrite_keys: true

  hosts: ["logstashhost:5044"]

Have you checked filebeat/logstash error logs?

How can you tell filebeat does not send logs? Do you check kibana only? Might be an index mapping error.

See breaking changes for 6.3 release:

Normally filebeat versions index names, so there are no conflicts when upgrading filebeat. Might be you are hidding a mapping error due to breaking changes to the mappings, while trying to index into the same index.

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