Filebeat 6 fails to connect to proxy server

I am upgrading filebeat 5 to 6.2. As part of upgrade, I introduce filebeat 6 ssl to replace stunnel. It works well when no proxy between filebeat 6 and Logstash server. With proxy server, filebeat 6 fails to connect to proxy server. Previously with filebeat 5(no ssl) and stunnel, it worked with proxy server without problem.

Appreciate any help.

filebeat 6 config:

enabled: true
hosts: ["my_logstash_server:443"]
proxy_url: 'socks5://my_proxy_server:10008'
proxy_use_local_resolver: true

Error in filebeat 6 log:
|2018-09-02T05:08:49.237+1000|INFO|instance/beat.go:213|Setup Beat: filebeat; Version: 6.2.2|
|2018-09-02T05:08:49.239+1000|INFO|transport/proxy.go:53|proxy host: 'my_proxy_server:10008'
2018-09-02T05:08:50.348+1000 ERROR pipeline/output.go:74 Failed to connect: proxy: SOCKS5 proxy at my_proxy_server:10008 has unexpected version 60

Could you please share you full configuration formatted using </>? How did you enable SSL?
The error you are facing seems to be a proxy error.

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