Filebeat 7.17.0 - Unable to parse time field "Jun 21 09:16:38" with [Stamp]


Quite newbie on ELK & Filebeat (using v7.17.0), I'm trying to parse and retrieve the log line date as timestamp from following logs:

Jun 19 22:08:00: WARNING: RCP timeout when waiting for ping response. Disconnecting Connection(S,/ <RCP />)

With my current implementation, filebeat returns the following error:

2023-06-22T15:04:52.952+0200    ERROR   instance/beat.go:1015   Exiting: Failed to start crawler: starting input failed: Error while initializing input: failed parsing time field log_time='Jun 21 09:16:38': failed using layout [Stamp] cannot parse [Jun 21 09:16:38] as [Stamp]
failed to parse test timestamp

I used following filebeat configuration as per the information about Go timestamp I could find:

    - dissect:
        tokenizer: '(?<log_time>%{MONTH} %{MONTHDAY} %{TIME}): %{GREEDYDATA:log}'
        field: "message"
        target_prefix: ""
    - timestamp:
        field: log_time
          - Stamp
          - 'Jun 21 09:16:38'
    - drop_fields:
        fields: [log_time]

Can you help me understandinh what's wrong ?

Many thanks in advance.

NOTE: I also tried using "stamp" (without capital letter) to verify it was not a case issue but not working as well

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