Filebeat 7.2's osquery module not respecting var.use_namespace: false

The documentation at says:


If true, all fields exported by this module are prefixed with osquery.result . Set to false to copy the fields in the root of the document. If enabled, this setting also disables the renaming of some fields (e.g. hostIdentifier to host_identifier ). Note that if you set this to false, the sample dashboards coming with this module won’t work correctly. The default is true.

So I'd expect a config of:

- module: osquery
    enabled: true
    var.use_namespace: false

to change the messages I receive. But there is no difference whether that line says true, false, or is deleted so the true default is used.

The documents still are in the form:

  "_index": "filebeattest6",
    "osquery": {
      "result": {
        "columns": {
          "max_rpm": "1836",
          "target_rpm": "790",
          "name": "Main ",
          "min_rpm": "790",
          "actual_rpm": "789",
          "fan_id": "0"

Hello @DPattee

You after you set that variable you have to reinstall the pipelines, because the conditional is baked at install time.

./filebeat setup --piplines --modules  osquery

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