Filebeat 7.3.2 using high CPU (50~60%)

Hello community.

I've been tweaking the filebeat.yml for several hours now, and cannot get filebeat to use less CPU than 50~60%.

I have tried various combinations of:


     - type: log
       enabled: true
       include_lines: ['00-00001']
         app_id: ABCD-123
         - /apps/logs/urs*.log

       ignore_older: 10m
    #   scan_frequency: 30s
       harvester_limit: 1
       close_inactive: 10s

The directory beats is monitoring a directory that contains 1300 logs each being around 97MB. The logs rotate every minute (new 97MB log generates every minute).

I've tried under general, 1s ~ 5s:

filebeat.registry.flush: 5s

Not sure what else to try.


Any thoughts @steffens?

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