Filebeat high cpu load on Win 2012 R2


I'm getting 30 percent load from Filebeat's process alone.
The logs folder has about 1500 files as large as 4MB each.

I tried adding the following the YML config:
harvester_limit: 1
close_inactive: 1m
scan_frequency: 5m
ignore_older: 3h
backoff: 5m
max_procs: 1

Also I wasnt able to find anything abnormal in the log files.
Mainly "Harvester started for file..." lines.


@X_Calibur is there any errors in the log what version of Filebeat are you running?

No errors whatsoever.
Latest possible version. Downloaded from the past week or so.

I would remove max_procs from the config and just keep harvester_limit,
Would you mind giving us a cpuprofile of the running application using the --cpuprofile flag described in the doc

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