Filebeat: initial ingestion of 2M files

I have about 2M log files to process for initial ingestion.
These csv files are spread on 4 folders.
I have set up a filebeat pipeline and set harvester_limit: 0

I have also tried to set up 4 filebeat instances, modify the ulimit to 500000 (I dont seem to be able to do more), but still same issue.

After harvesting for a bit (maybe 20s) filebeat throws error that too many files are opened.
How would you go around that?

EDIT: though this problem is for a initial load, it might anyway come later. The logs generation is around 30k files per hour.
I am setting:

  clean_removed: true
  scan_frequency: 300s
  ignore_older: 350s
  clean_inactive: 800s

but still within these 800s I might accumulate a significant amount of logs files

Set the close_eof: true. Log input | Filebeat Reference [7.14] | Elastic that way the harvesters will stop as it moves to the next files instead of just staying open indefinitely.

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This totally makes sense. Most of the files have very little content inside, that is working just fine now!

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