Filebeat and EC2 Tags

(Stiv Ostenberg) #1

There is a processor called "add_cloud_metadata" that adds 5 EC2 metadata fields, but does not appear to grab the tags. Since that is where instances user defined data is defined, would be nice if it also pulled " = TAGVALUE. Am I missing something?

(Andrew Kroh) #2

I don't believe that tag information is provided as part of the EC2 metadata service. There is user-data but it's not the EC2 tags AFAIK.

Tag information is obtained through the EC2 DescribeTags API. You can use the instance-id from the metadata service to get the tags, but it's done through a separate API call from the metadata service and that call requires authentication parameters. It's the authentication requirement that ruins the party.

(Stiv Ostenberg) #3

Yep. That is what I had to do, Andrew. Sigh.

(system) #4

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