Provide Back EC2 Tags as metadata

I'm used to telegraf and influxdb structure, so perhaps this is a beginner issue.
I found a related issue: Filebeat and EC2 Tags

However, I didn't see any solution. I currently modified my setup script to parse ec2 tags and then attach them to in the yaml with the format of:

- add_tags:
    tags: [foo]
    target: Scope
- add_tags:
    tags: [test]
    target: ssm_scope

None of these show up in the uptime monitor (heartbeat). Ideally, I'd want to pull all ec2 tags, with a filter to exclude a few possibly, for each monitor.

The instance has full permissions to get ec2 metadata, so using the AWSPowershell SDK I can grab and edit the yaml file. However, I was hoping for a solution to grab the metadata automatically for any of my beats apps and ensure that these tags which provide me a valuable way to generate dashboards and metrics would be automatically included.

Is this possible and am I using the correct format to include multiple tags back?

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