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I don't see any tags for filtering or grouping in heartbeats after configuring 100+ agents. I coded a snippet in the install script that pulls the ec2 tags and appends as yaml values. This is the format I used. Most of the examples online show a single key, but I wanted to provide multiple.

Is this how I'm supposed to provide multiple back? I need to group by the stage, app, and more, and not sure how to properly pass mutiple tags for classifying and grouping.

- add_tags:
    tags: [prod11]
    target: env
- add_tags:
    tags: [monitor]
    target: scope

Hi @sheldonh examples shows you can add multiple like this , are you adding under processors?

    - add_tags:
        tags: [web, production]
        target: "environment"

You can also add tags on a per monitor basis. The processors section will add tags to every monitor.

I understand the example I believe.
However, my example is that I have multiple tags beyond that such as:

  1. Tags environment (solved above)
  2. add tag for scope of application
  3. add tag for cost center
  4. add tag for country

No tags are showing up in my test right now, so I'm not sure if this supposed. I don't just want environment, I might have 6+ tags to help filter down application type, geo location and more.

@sheldonh when you say no tags are showing up, do you mean in the uptime UI?

I'm just now noticing that you're using the target option for the add_tags processor. For the Uptime UI you'll need to omit that option, we only show tags in the tags field. Since it looks like you want to namespace tags for various purposes, consider using a prefix for the namespace. So, maybe use tags like env:prod11 or scope:monitor.

That said, we are actively discussing ways to create groups or labels or some similar notion within the Uptime UI, probably by saving a query.

We have an old issue tracking this, that will probably be replaced by a new one sometime soon.

It'd be great if we could hear more about your use case.

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