Filebeat Apache Module - Apache Module (mod_dumpio) Support

Hi there,

I have the following use-case: Capture and parse HTTP(S) POST request information from Apache web servers. An Apache module (mod_dumpio) is able to do the job.

However, the mod_dumpio module gives tons of information (rightfully so, given the verbosity of the log level which it is set to).

2 questions:

  1. Are there any plans to support output from the Apache mod_dumpio module? (Highly unlikely I understand, given that few others would have such a use-case outside I believe)
  2. If there are any suggestions on another way of fulfilling my use case (besides libapache2-mod-security2)?

Thank you for your time!

We may consider adding it as Elastic integration to the Integrations repository. Could you please open an issue there describing the idea?

You can also open a PR and implement this integration :slight_smile:

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