Filebeat as sidecar deployment in K8 cluster

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HI ,

So am using spinnaker for deployment of our microservices to Kubernetes cluster.
How to use filebeat as a sidecar pattern with other application to deploy simultaneously?

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Hi @Vivek_Samaga,

We normally recommend deploying one instance per node, it should be able to get logs from all the containers in the node:

That, compared with a sidecar per container will have more performance. Could you explain a little bit more about your use case? We can consider other options here

Best regards

(VivSam) #3

So i don't have direct access to the node so i can't use kubectl create command.
We are working on CI/CD implementation with Jenkins to test, build and deploy the docker image to the server groups via spinnaker.
How can I achieve this?
Just like docker filebeat image?

(Carlos Pérez Aradros) #4

I don't have much experience with Spinnaker, but my understanding is that you can feed it with any Deployment yaml you want?

(VivSam) #5

Yes, I have another question? If we deploy sidecar pattern in Kubernetes and forward the logs to logstash host, would it support?

(Carlos Pérez Aradros) #6

Sending logs to logstash should work, yes

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