Filebeat aws region error


im tring to enable aws elb to send logs for my ELb.

this is my AWS module config:


and i got this error message :
ERROR instance/beat.go:933 Exiting: Fileset aws/regions is configured but doesn't exist

@Samerd There is no us-central-1 region in AWS. See the list at:

thanks , bad mistake .. but i fixed it to eu-central-1 , and i still getting the same error after trying restart the service

@Samerd Looking more closely, your configuration isn't correct: there is no regions field under the aws modules. Also, there is no field.

For ELB, you'd be encoding the region in the URL for the SQS queue where the ELB logs are written:

- module: aws
    enabled: true

    # AWS SQS queue url

The docs have the allowed configuration settings, and also explain how to configure the various AWS services to send their logs to S3 and enable SQS notifications.

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