Filebeat - bulk_max_size means?

[in logstash output config]
I read the definition of 'bulk_max_size' in [filebeat output config], but I want to know that in detail.
The document says that bulk_max_size is 'The maximum number of events to bulk in a single Logstash request'.
What is the event ? I think that it seems like a line in the file.

[In filebeat prospector config]
And there are the option called 'max_bytes' in filebeat prospector config and max_bytes is 'The maximum number of bytes that a single log message can have'. So, if I set max_bytes = 10MB and bulk_max_size = 2048, it may be 20480MB.... is it right?

I'm new and more explaination. :cry: Thank you.


If you have 2048 log messages that are 10MB each, yes.

Aha! I'm always confused this small word. Thank you for your answer!!

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