Filebeat configuration : multiline.* (working) vs parsers (not working)


I'm a bit stumped trying to determine why this config using old-style multine.* conf values works :

- type: stdin 
  id: multi-line-log-ex
  close_eof: true
  enabled: true

  multiline.pattern : '^\d'
  multiline.negate : true
  multiline.match : after

  pretty: true

But this one using the new parsers config does not:

- type: stdin
  id: multi-line-log-ex
  close_eof: true
  enabled: true
    - multiline:
        type: pattern
        pattern: '^\d'
        negate: true
        match: after

  pretty: true

It could be some kind of YAML indentation issue but the documentation does not help as is doesn't provide complete YAML files, only snippets.

There's also not much in the FileBeat logs to indicate what it has or has not understood about the config file. Some kind of flag that would dump the configuration, as understood and parsed into the FileBeat logs would be a godsend. Or maybe the test config option could dump the whole config instead of just "Config OK"...

For reference here is a sample log:

2010-04-10T21:40:03.625Z|| Some message
2010-04-10T21:41:03.625Z|| foo - Exception occurred
Exception details
        at foo(
        at bar(
2010-04-10T21:42:03.625Z|| Another message

And the command line I'm using the test it out (Docker on Windows, so you may need to change paths etc.)

cat .\logs\sample.log | docker run -i --rm -v "${PWD}\filebeat.yml:/usr/share/filebeat/filebeat.yml:ro" run --once --strict.perms=false -e



Heya @jadam_fr Welcome to the community...

Yeah.... bit of a legacy vs new... stdin does not support the parsers syntax, just the original multiline some of the new inputs such as filestream support the parsers syntax but not the legacy syntax

So you need to look at each input and see what is supported... yeah a bit messy right now.... Keeping our users on their toes... :slight_smile:

Thanks, that makes sense !

I was trying stdin to narrow down the problem I was having with filestream originally but going back to filestream fixed the initial issue.

I'm sure it'll all settle down in a few versions, thanks again.

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