Filebeat consume high CPU usage

Filebeat consume high CPU usage (about 25%) when processing logs and scanning files.

Here is my environment:

  • Windows 10 Pro 64-bit
  • 4 core

Here is my configuration:

  - type: log
    id: log
    enabled: true
      - C:/Packages/Test/log/**/*.elklog
    harvester_limit: 1
    close_inactive: 1s
    scan_frequency: 5s

    # close_eof: true
    # close_timeout: 0.5s
      type: pattern
      pattern: ^\[
      negate: true
      match: after

max_procs: 1

// hide other processors and output.elasticsearch
// If need more information, please tell me

CPU usage shown as below:

How to control CPU usage below 10%?
No need to harvest real time. Send slower, CPU lower.


Any advise for the high CPU usage?

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