Filebeat default modules + custom log files

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I'm playing around with filebeat, and was wondering if what I'm trying to do is correct/the way to go.

I'm running filebeat with some modules enabled (apache2, mysql & system).

On the one hand, I want to extract some more fields from apache2 (vhost, response_time, etc...), and on the other hand I want to include some custom application log file.

I know I can do the apache2 enrichment with a changed (or custom) ingest pipeline (see, and I will probably need to to something similar for the custom application log files.

The question now is how I configure filebeat to accommodate this.

Do I add some conditional pipelines including the filename?

  hosts: ["http://localhost:9200"]
    - pipeline: "application_log"
        source: "/path/to/file"
    - pipeline: "enhanced_apache"
        fileset.module: "apache2"

Is this the way to go?

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I'm looking in the module directory for apache2 (, and I can't find the pipeline config instruction.

Is the pipeline selection done via the pattern matching on the ingress node?

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