Filebeat -e -d "*" errorr

I'm getting this "Exiting: data path already locked by another beat" anytime i execute this command 'sudo filebeat -e -d "*" ' and i cannot see my logs on kibana. I need help.

Hi @thywoe!

This error indicates that data directory used by Filebeat is already in use by another instance of Filebeat. Are you already running Filebeat?
If not you can always delete this directory and start Filebeat again with sudo filebeat -e -d "*".

Hi @ChrsMark

Yes, I'm running Filebeat already. There was another instance of filebeat before. so what do I do?

Stop the already running Filebeat and start it again?

done. still same error message

I would suggest to delete data directory, make sure that there is no running instances of Filebeat left, and then start Filebeat again.

Thank you!

Thank you so much @ChrsMark. it stopped giving error but i'm yet to see the logs on kibana. so i still i need help on that

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