Filebeat error when importing logs

I configured my elasticsearch with file beat. When my file is changed I get the following error from filebeat:

can someone helpme understand this error?

Can you post the complete error message, and preferably not as a screenshot but as actual text? Also, which versions of Filebeat and Elasticsearch are you using?

Hello its running on powershell but what I can see is that the error is on the timestamp format:

where can I change the format that filebeat searches?

We're going to need some more information. Could you post your filebeat.yml configuration file?


My filebeat.yml is:

Logs do uipath


  • type: log
    • 'C:\Users\dto.rpa\AppData\Local\UiPath\Logs\Execution.log'

hosts: ["localhost:9200"]
username: "elastic"
password: ""
index: "uipathlogs"
pipeline: "uipathlogs-pipeline"

template.enabled: false
ilm.enabled: false

I think this error might be coming from the uipathlogs-pipeline Elasticsearch ingest pipeline. Could you post that pipeline here please, delimited by ``` so it's properly formatted and easy to read?



Hello, Thanks again for your help. The pipeline is:
"date": {
"field": "timeStamp",
"formats": [
"output_format": "yyyy-MM-dd'T'HH:mm:ss.SSSSSSSSSXXX"

From looking at the event in your error screenshot, I don't see a timeStamp field in there. That would explain this error.

The log has a timeStamp, hpow can I sove?

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