Filebeat: failed FilterLogEventsRequestRequestCanceled

I am using Filebeat 7.11.1 to fetch CloudWatch logs using given configuration

    - type: aws-cloudwatch
          log_group_arn: arn:aws:logs:XXX:XXX:*
          log_group_name: /aws/
          region_name: xxxx
          log_stream_prefix: xxxx
          scan_frequency: 1m 
          credential_profile_name: xxxx          
          start_position: beginning

From logs I can see that it is connecting to CloudWatch and worker also started but after few seconds it throws

ERROR   [aws-cloudwatch]        awscloudwatch/input.go:201      failed FilterLogEventsRequestRequestCanceled: request context canceled
caused by: context deadline exceeded

It looks rather like a network connectivity issue. Did you check if you can reach out the cloudwatch endpoint?

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