Filebeat failed to load config file - no such file

I've been trying to befriend Elastic Stack but so far it's not liking me, I guess.

I've scrolled through the forum, however, I did not find any post with the same issue. I'm sure it's simple but I can't figure out.

So, whenever I try to run ./filebeat or ./filebeat -configtest -e it throws the error below.

-bash$ ./filebeat -configtest -e
Exiting: error loading config file: open filebeat.yml: no such file or directory

I thought it was installation error, so I tried to install Filebeat on two different machines and both times it gives me the same error. I used repository to install. I'm assuming I'm making a mistake in the installation process, even though all of the directories are where they supposed to be.

Thanks for the help in advance

Hi @Rinat, is the filebeat.yml present at your installation folder?

I confirmed that it is present in /etc/filebeat. Is that what you are referring to? I also check the file itself and only made changes for Logstash output.

Can you please try -c path_to_filebeat.yml

If I do ./filebeat -c path_to_filebeat.yml it just hangs on empty output and does not do anything. Am I using the wrong command?

Thanks for your help!

please try ./filebeat -c path_to_yml -e -d "*" and post the output.

But i think it was the missing -c switch. If there is no output it seems to running.

Ok, thanks. It worked better. I could see logs which is a good thing. However, now I'm having a different issue. In the debug message, one came up as ERR stating that Harvester could not open some of the files - permission denied. Which isn't a problem. But I don't know what this one is : 2017/01/07 17:14:09.899275 registrar.go:297: ERR Failed to create tempfile (/usr/share/filebeat/bin/data/ for writing: open /usr/share/filebeat/bin/data/ permission denied. Do I have to explicitly grant permissions to that file?

you can set the location to a path where you have permission to write to. See here. Otherwise you have to change the permissions for the default path for your account under which fiebeat is running.

Also look here for the part registry_file

Great! Thanks a lot for your help. Besides those secondary things, it appears to be working. And as I suspected it was something as simple as declaring path to the file.

Fine to hear it works now!

Thanks again. I still have a long way to go. Trying to learn and implement Elastic Stack from ground 0. And it's like every new step I have to conduct a research))).
I'm glad there is very helpful community over here!

Thanks for that feedback! :thumbsup: Should you have any further questions do not hesitate to ask!

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