Filebeat for Greenplum: Module or Fileset?

Hi Everyone,

I am going to develop an extension of Filebeat to read Greenplum logs. I am debating whether I want to make it as a new module, or as new filesets of the Postgresql module. I would love to hear the opinions of more experienced developers and Beats users about which choice I should make.

Since Greenplum is a variant of Postgres, I initially thought the logical thing was to create my extension as filesets for the Postgresql module. However, there are enough different Greenplum log files that I think there is a valid argument to make a separate module. If you were a user of Greenplum and Filebeat, which would you prefer?

Whichever route I take, I intend to also provide a fairly complete set of ingest pipelines to account for the various "types" of log lines which can be written to one file. My hope is that my contributions will be sufficient to be used by the community.

Has anyone here already done any work involving Greenplum and Filebeat? I could only find one post about it on the forum and it seems the user was trying to use the postgres module without any modifications.

Less on topic, but I also appreciate any tips for making contributions to the Beats repository, gitettiquette, testing, level of detail, you name it. This will be my first time committing to a public project and I want to learn the right way.


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