./filebeat generate fields with pipeline.yml

I am developing a new filebeat module for sophos firewall logs. Now I got stuck on
the ./filebeat generate fields command. It returns with the following error:

cannot read pipeline: open module/sophos/secureweb/ingest/pipeline.json: no such file or directory

This makes sense since my pipeline is called pipeline.yml. It is configured like this in the manifest file of the fileset. I have though already to convert the file back to json but since almost all pipelines of the existing modules are in yml I wonder what I am doing wrong.


The generator you are trying to use expects JSON piplines not YAML. Unfortunately, this generator is not up to date and does not support YAML. Could you please open an issue on GH?

Hi @kvch,
Thank you for your answer. I will open a GH issue as you propose.

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