Import yaml pipeline


I'd like to manually insert ingest pipelines defined in filebeat, which is not yet released.
In filebeat, these ingest pipelines are in yaml format, but are defined in json format in elasticsearch.

How can I easily transform yaml pipeline in json?

Thanks !

Hi Remi,

I want to make sure I'm understanding your scenario correctly. Are you developing a new Filebeat module? Or are you looking to modify an existing Filebeat module's ingest pipeline - if so, which one? Fortinet?

Also, which version of Filebeat and Elasticsearch are you running?


Hi Shaunak,

I'm not developing modules, I'musing filebeat 7.7, and reading fortinet log files.
I want to use filebeat fortinet pipelines that are available on the github master branch, and not yet released.

I'd like to know how can I easily get the yaml ingest pipelines declarations from the filebeat module and add it to elasticsearch without building the upcoming filebeat version/modules.


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