Filebeat harvesting

Hi all
I am using filebeat to harvest logs and send data to Elasticsearch.
It is noted that log4net is used to create log and log will rotate by size for example in 10m, when log.log size received to 10m, the current log.log will be renamed and a new log.log will be created.
The filebeat input is as following:


filebeat will harvest current log.log file and send to Elasticsearch, but when log.log renamed to for example log1.log and a new log.log created, filebeat doesn't harvest the new logs. It means it cannot harvest the logs of new log.log file.
How can I handle this issue? It means how can configure filebeat so that harvest data of new created log file

Does Filebeat show any errors? Can u post ur config and the output from Filebeat? Filebeat shouldn't have any issues with rolling files.

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