Filebeat Index with Module in Name -> Alias and ILM

Hello there,

i do have the following situation. I run Filebeat on an dedicated server for the panw-Module, with a dedicated Port. Our Paloalto Firewall is shipping the logs via syslog to the filebeat-server.
If i run filebeat on that server with the default configuration, the indexname, aliases and ILM is working fine. But when i add the following to the "output.elasticsearch":

    - index: "filebeat-%{[event.module]}-%{+yyyy.MM.dd}"
      when.has_fields: ['event.module']

I get an index called: "filebeat-panw-2022.09.28, without an alias an ergo i am unable to assign an ILM-Policy

What do i have to do to setup a dedicated index for the paloalto firewall with a dedicated ILM-Policy?

Thanks in advance!


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