How to add an alias to index by using filebeat?

i want to use ilm to delete outdated logs.the ilm policy is configured for rollover ,means the index need an alias.filebeat will create an index automatically (if you configured in filebeat.yml and the index not existed),but i didnt find where to configure "index alias" things in filebeat document.

more details:
i edit filebeat.yml set "setup.ilm.policy_name" to my own test policy created by kibana.

filebeat log shows the option worked.
{"log.level":"info","@timestamp":"2022-07-04T02:51:11.473Z","log.logger":"index-management.ilm","log.origin":{"":"ilm/std.go","file.line":118},"message":"ILM policy my-1day-test exists already.","":"filebeat","ecs.version":"1.6.0"}

but lifecyle policy didnt setup to my index. i use kibana to see es index details

"lifecycle": { "name": "", "parse_origination_date": "false", "step": { "wait_time_threshold": "12h" }, "indexing_complete": "false", "rollover_alias": "", "origination_date": "-1" },

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