[filebeat] INTEGRATION_TESTS with more than four ingest pipeline don't work

Hi there,
i am creating a new filebeat module, INTEGRATION_TESTS worked without problems until the fourth ingest pipeline. From the fifth ingest pipeline, the INTEGRATION_TESTS gets stuck in an endless loop, only a CTRL + C helps here.
Is there a limit on ingest pipeline or is this a bug in testing modul?

      - name: syslog_host
        default: localhost
      - name: tags
        default: [sophosxg-firewall]
      - name: syslog_port
        default: 6000
      - name: input
        default: udp

      - ingest/pipeline.yml
      - ingest/firewall.yml
      - ingest/idp.yml
      - ingest/atp.yml
      - ingest/aiv.yml

    input: config/firewall.yml

    - name: geoip
      plugin: ingest-geoip

console test:
python-env) [root@beats filebeat]# INTEGRATION_TESTS=1 BEAT_STRICT_PERMS=false TESTING_FILEBEAT_MODULES=sophosxg nosetests tests/system/test_modules.py ^@^@^@^@^@^@^@^@^@^@^@^@^@^@^@^@^@

thx for nay help here.

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