Filebeat local send data to logstasho on cloud

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Good afternoon, someone can tell me how is the process for quer filebeat send information to a logstash that is in the cloud and how to get the information in logstash

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Hello @mateo

You will have to use the logstash output and use SSL configured for client authentication.
After that you can just point your beat to your logstash instance.

(colich) #3

Thank you very much for your answer now as it should be the input in logstash cloud? something like that ?

input {
beats {port => "5600"]

(Pier-Hugues Pellerin) #4

Are you hosting your Logstash or its hosted from someone else?

(colich) #5

the scheme is as follows, I have a csv file on my machine and I want to send to logstash in my cloud schema, on local servers I had no problems because I sent directly the ip and port of the logstash but I do not know how to do that in the cloud . I appreciate your help a lot because I've been with the problem for several days

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