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Hi Experts,

Our application (whose logs are harvested by filebeat) repeatedly throws permission denied error.

The application doesn't request exclusive access to its logs.

We tried updating a logfile manually via wordpad while filebeat was running but we weren't able to do so. (see pic below)

Screenshot 2023-02-07 at 19.28.14

However, we were able to update the same file after stopping filebeat.

From handle.exe logs we can see that filebeat opens the logs in RWD mode

filebeat.exe pid: 3368 test\m33adm
   38: File  (RW-)   
  338: File  (RWD)   D:\usr\sap\M33\D00\work\dev_w5
  358: File  (RW-)   C:\Infra\fb7.8.1\filebeat-7.8.1-windows-x86_64\filebeat-7.8.1-windows-x86_64\data\filebeat.lock
  378: File  (RWD)   D:\usr\sap\M33\SUM\abap\tmp\hello.txt
  388: File  (RWD)   D:\usr\sap\M33\SUM\abap\tmp\SAPup_error.xml
  38C: File  (RWD)   D:\usr\sap\M33\D00\work\sapstart.env
  390: File  (RWD)   D:\usr\sap\M33\D00\work\dev_w6
  3A0: File  (RWD)   D:\usr\sap\M33\D00\work\VMCavailable.log
  3A4: File  (RWD)   D:\usr\sap\M33\D00\work\
  3A8: File  (RWD)   D:\usr\sap\M33\SUM\abap\log\
  3C0: File  (RWD)   D:\usr\sap\M33\D00\work\
  410: File  (RWD)   D:\usr\sap\M33\D00\work\dev_w2

Please, could you advise here?


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