Filebeat log.json file

My application team tried an experiment for filebeat,

They deleted the log file that filebeat was harvesting and each time the log file is deleted, in the directory, a file in the path /data/registry/filebeat/log.json keeps growing in size

Would this be a concern if this log.json keeps growing? How does this log.json work?

Have a read of How Filebeat works | Filebeat Reference [7.12] | Elastic and let us know if you have further questions about the registry.

this registry/filebeat/log.json is the registry file mentioned in the post? We came across this post but wasn't sure if this is the file it was mentioning

Hi, we tried the clean_removed: true option which it was already supposed to be default to true and it doesnt clear the log.json file, we opened up the log.json and saw old logs dated back to 30/4

Is it causing an issue?

What version are you using?

hi yes, we are afraid to go into production as we are unsure if this file will keep growing and are not able to clear this file properly, we are using filebeat 7.8.1

to be exact

filebeat is logging a file:

and everyday, we will rename the log to:

and the application will then recreate the file:

We monitor the log.json file which increases everyday which could cause out of space issues, hence keeping us from going live.

We tried methods such as clean_removed etc which doesn't clear the log.json file

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