Filebeat module not in OSS licensed version

I am wanting to use the OSS version of filebeat to send log data to the AWS Elasticsearch service

One of the log producers I have is rabbitmq - The rabbitmq module is not included in the OSS version of filebeat.

Why is that? - is there something about that module which means it cannot be part of the oss version or is there another reason?

Is there an easy solution for sending rabbitmq logs to the AWS Elasticsearch service, or will I have to write my own parser/module?


Elastic has their own hosted Elasticsearch service and compete with AWS Elasticsearch service on features to a large extent. A number of features across the product range are not part of the OSS distribution and require the default distribution. I therefore suspect you need to write you own parser unless you switch to Elastic Cloud which will work out of the box and is available on AWS.

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