Filebeat not connect with Logstash beat plugin

Hi all
Im trying to send messages from filebeat to logstash, but the messages dont arrive.
The ports is open.
this is the config

input {
beats {
client_inactivity_timeout => 3000
port => 5049

hosts: ["HOST:5049"]

telnet HOST 5049
Trying 10....
Connected to HOST.
Escape character is '^]'.

any ideas?


Hi @Pedro_Lopez_Gonzalez

How do you know filebeat is actually sending anything?

What Version are you on?

When you only supply snippets of the code, it is hard to help... because the issue could be elsewhere, so please share your entire filebeat.yml... and please use the </> button to format your code.

Thanks @stephenb

My problem was I didnt have enought permissions over the logs directory


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