Not able to send data from Filebeat to Logstash

Filebeat o/p:

   ##logstash as output
    # The logstash hosts

Logstash Conf:

input {
  beats {
    port => 5044

Getting the following Error in Log:

Connecting error publishing events (retrying) : dial tcp time out.

Note: But filebeat is sending ip to other system in network with same configuration by changing the i/p in the filebeat yml file.

Filebeat is installed in Vmbox in a windows system. Initially from Vmbox the logstash server was not pinging but now it's pinging but still the data is not sent.

Please suggest to resolve this issue.

can you try to ping the target machine? Can you try telnet to target port number? Error indicates target machine not responding to TCP connection request.

The target machine is pinging. I tried telnet to port but it's not working . telent ip port. Do we need to do any configuration to make telnet successful.

is logstash running? Any firewall rules in place?

As more,you should install the beats plugin for logstash via "bin/plugin install logstash-input-beats"