Filebeat not exposing the name

Hi All,

I'm running Filebeat (7.10.2) in a Docker-Container and wanted to switch from Internal Monitoring to Metricbeat using the Beat module. It works fine so far, but the name configured in filebeat.yml is not used.

This leads to the situation, that Kibana shows the random Docker-Hostname instead of configured shipper name, which makes it hard to identify the correct Filebeat instance.

sh-4.2$ curl -XGET 'localhost:5066/?pretty'
  "beat": "filebeat",
  "hostname": "06694391eabc",
  "name": "06694391eabc",
  "uuid": "907a52a0-7f7d-4c7e-b072-c08e52a8252e",
  "version": "7.10.2"

I was expecting to see the configured name in the output above. And I assume this information is used by Metricbeat to get the name.

Using the Internal Monitoring it was working well, even if the Info-Endpoint above shows the same. Looks like internal monitoring takes the name directly from the configuration.

Of course I could change the hostname of the Docker-Container, but this will only be a workaround.

Any ideas?

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