Filebeat not ingesting JSON

Hi folks,

I've been using Filebeat for ingesting regular log files to Logstash without a problem.

I've tried to ingest some JSON files which I get from memory tracking logs but nothing seems to happen.

Here is what I get from the filebeat logs:

2019-06-13T14:59:42.445+0300 INFO log/harvester.go:255 Harvester started for file: C:\Users\lgrancharov\Desktop\vraymemtrack_20190513115428_shf_assets_CityLayout_Model_SinkholeLayout_v020.json

And then 5 min later:

2019-06-13T15:04:47.470+0300 INFO log/harvester.go:280 File is inactive: C:\Users\lgrancharov\Desktop\vraymemtrack_20190513115428_shf_assets_CityLayout_Model_SinkholeLayout_v020.json. Closing because close_inactive of 5m0s reached.

Here is the Filebeat config:

- type: log
  enabled: true
    - C:\Users\lgrancharov\Desktop\vraymemtrack*.json
     source_type: v-ray
     application_name: v-ray_memory_tracking
  json.keys_under_root: true
  json.add_error_key: true
  json.message_key: log

Any help is appreciated.

Is each JSON object on a single line? If not you probably need configure handling of multiline messages.

The whole file is a single line if that's what you mean.

If I try to use formatting of the sort:

    "fruit": "Apple",
    "size": "Large",
    "color": "Red"

I get the following error:

|2019-06-13T14:42:21.357+0300|ERROR|json/json.go:51|Error decoding JSON: unexpected EOF|
|2019-06-13T14:42:21.357+0300|ERROR|json/json.go:51|Error decoding JSON: json: cannot unmarshal string into Go value of type map[string]interface {}|

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