Filebeat not sending after update add_cloud_metadata: hosting provider type not detected

i'm getting this error while starting filebeat after an update from 6.x to 7.x :
i have logstash filters but it's sending the machine informations
any ideas !!

2019-06-24T12:48:48.741+0100    DEBUG   [beat]  instance/beat.go:623    Beat metadata path: /var/lib/filebeat/meta.json
2019-06-24T12:48:48.741+0100    INFO    instance/beat.go:579    Beat ID: 84176e08-7017-4eee-80f3-3e583f391ff5
2019-06-24T12:48:48.741+0100    INFO    [index-management.ilm]  ilm/ilm.go:129  Policy name: filebeat-7.1.1
2019-06-24T12:48:48.742+0100    DEBUG   [filters]       add_cloud_metadata/add_cloud_metadata.go:164    add_cloud_metadata: starting to fetch metadata, timeout=3s
2019-06-24T12:48:48.945+0100    DEBUG   [filters]       add_cloud_metadata/add_cloud_metadata.go:196    add_cloud_metadata: received disposition for qcloud after 202.91057ms. result=[provider:qcloud, error=failed requesting qcloud metadata: Get dial tcp: lookup on no such host, metadata={}]
2019-06-24T12:48:51.743+0100    DEBUG   [filters]       add_cloud_metadata/add_cloud_metadata.go:196    add_cloud_metadata: received disposition for openstack after 3.000177064s. result=[provider:openstack, error=failed requesting openstack metadata: Get net/http: request canceled while waiting for connection (Client.Timeout exceeded while awaiting headers), metadata={}]
2019-06-24T12:48:51.743+0100    DEBUG   [filters]       add_cloud_metadata/add_cloud_metadata.go:203    add_cloud_metadata: timed-out waiting for all responses
2019-06-24T12:48:51.743+0100    DEBUG   [filters]       add_cloud_metadata/add_cloud_metadata.go:167    add_cloud_metadata: fetchMetadata ran for 3.000261888s
2019-06-24T12:48:51.743+0100    INFO    add_cloud_metadata/add_cloud_metadata.go:346    add_cloud_metadata: hosting provider type not detected.
2019-06-24T12:48:51.743+0100    DEBUG   [processors]    processors/processor.go:66      Processors: add_host_metadata=[netinfo.enabled=[false], cache.ttl=[5m0s]], add_cloud_metadata=null

Hi @markov,

I guess the error is that INFO entry not being able to detect your hosting provider.
Can you share some details on the environment where Filebeat is executing?


I am running filebeat on a private network for a company, and logstash in another machine of the network

Is there any error at the logs? I can only see INFO and DEBUG.

Can you share your config files?

Also, can you configure temporarily the console output to make sure that no logs are being gathered?

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