Filebeat not sending logs to E.L.K server’s logstash


Hi All, I recently installed filebeat to forward logs from ubuntu 14.04 server into my ELK's logstash, however i cannot see anything in kibana4's dashboards, I'm able to ping and telnet into logstash,

Any help is much appreciated,

Cheers, Tomek

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Hi @napoleon182, can you provide your Fiilebeat and Logstash configs?


Hi Joshua, thanks for prompt reply, please see below configuration files (link will take you to the owncloud):

I've created text file there which includes filebeat.yml and 02-beats-input.conf from the logstash conf.d folder. Let me know if you require any additional files.

Where does the filebeat logs the output? I couldn't find nothing in the /var/log folder...

Thanks, Tomek

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What is the configuration of the Logstash elasticsearch output? Your Logstash input config and Filebeat config look good.


Thank you Joshua- I fixed the issue thanks to your suggestion.

I had closer look into the output conf file, which was misconfigured (wrong password was setup for the rest elasticsearch-readonly-rest).

Cheers, Tomek

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