FileBeat on OpenShift Cluster (RHOCS ) - Operation not permitted error

Hi All ,

I have used FIleBeat docker image and created a daemon set on our Openshift cluster and gave necessary permissions to run as a privileged container as per documentation.
Here is my volume and volume mount section. Basically we are mounting /host/var/lib/pods from hostpath to /var/lib/pods so we can harvest the PVC logs.
WhatsApp Image 2023-09-20 at 13.59.08

But when POD comes up , it fails with the error stating as below. not sure , why kubelet/container trying to create /host directory. Underlying OS is Redhat Core OS which is immutable. Does that cause any issues or any one faced this earlier ?

Hi @vinay.bommarati - I believe one of your team members has reached out to our Support team. We will be following-up through the Support case. Thank you :pray:

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