Filebeat output to secured HA Elasticsearch

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I have successfully deployed an HA Elasticsearch cluster which is has xpack security features enabled. My problem is that I do not really know how to configure filebeat elasticsearch.output, so it can do petitions to the different hosts of the Elasticsearch clusters. Specifically what worries me is the following:
I know I can use the following configuration in the beat:

        hosts: ["https://es1:9200","https://es2:9200","https://es3:9200"]
        protocol: "https"
        username: "xxx"
        password: "xxx"
        ssl.certificate_authorities: ["/etc/metricbeat/certs/ca.crt"]
        ssl.certificate: "/etc/metricbeat/certs/{{ es_node_name }}.crt"
        ssl.key: "/etc/metricbeat/certs/{{ es_node_name }}.key"

Each Elasticsearch node has its own certificate, if I declare three hosts "es1", "es2", and "es3", then the beat is going to need three different certificates to call each API of each node. But apparently, I can only specify only one certificate and one key. What can I do if I want the beats to call the three APIs and "balance" the petitions without using a reverse proxy?

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