Filebeat process not running after upgrade from 7.6.2 to 7.8.1

Hi all,

One of the instance is having beat error after upgrade from 7.6.2 to 7.8.1. as below,
ERROR instance/beat.go:933 Exiting: data path already locked by another beat

out of 2 instances one instance upgrade had below error, not sure why only 1 instance has the error?

Any suggestion to fix would be appreciated!


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FYI you posted this in the Enterprise Search category, not in the Beats one, and labelled it as stack-security. I've updated the topic, but it helps us help you if you post in the right category :slight_smile:

Can you check to see if there is another Filebeat process running?

Thank you. Yes other filebeat is working.

Ok, well you cannot run two instances of Filebeat on the one host without some changes. Given you said you are upgrading, you will need to make sure the older version is stopped.

I could able to fix the issue by deleting lock file. thanks.

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