Filebeat query EKS worker node /var/log


I'm trying to ship EKS worker node auth.log, syslog and audit.log files which located under /var/log.
I've deploy filebeat and logstash in EKS cluster however I saw under filebeat pods there's a lot of error log stated

{"log.level":"error","@timestamp":"2023-09-11T14:01:23.876Z","log.logger":"kubernetes","log.origin":{"":"add_kubernetes_metadata/matchers.go","file.line":155},"message":"Error extracting container id - source value contains matcher's logs_path, however it is too short to contain a Docker container ID.","":"filebeat","ecs.version":"1.6.0"}

This is my filebeat config

- type: log
    - '/var/log/auth.log'
  - add_kubernetes_metadata:
      host: ${NODE_NAME}
      - logs_path:
          logs_path: "/var/log/"
  - add_tags:
      tags: [authlog]
      target: "log_category"

Hi @xUmaRix,

Welcome back! Have you checked the health of your Kubernetes pod as recommended in the troubleshooting guide?

Can you elaborate on why you are using the add_kubernetes_metadata processor when collecting system-level logs? The add_kubernetes_metadata processor annotates each event with relevant metadata based on the Kubernetes pod from which the event originated. It seems you are collecting logs at a different level (system) in the hierarchy but want to enrich with pod level metadata.