Filebeat: Select index based on prospector

I am trying to find the best way to set the index name based on the prospector that picked up the log entry. In general, I would like everything to default to index, then use indices for the specific changes as outlined in

I would have thought that using the when configuration element of indices was the right way to do this, but I can't find documentation on it anywhere, just a few examples on that page. What I imagine doing is adding a tag as a part of the prospector, then searching the tag in the when clause.

Will this work? Does documentation for when exist yet?

Thanks kindly!

For simplicity I'd use format strings:

- ...
  fields.class: "nginx"
- ...
  fields.class: "apache"

  index: '%{[fields.class]-%{+yyyy.MM.dd}'

You can use indices with when clause. If no when clause matches, the index setting will be applied.

Documentation on when-clause is available in the 'Conditions' documentation:

It's always when.<condition>:.


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