Filebeat setup kibana through proxy

I'm trying to make filebeat setup kibana behind a proxy but can't seem to see any documentation regarding how to do this.

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I'm not sure if I understand you well but I'm afraid that this is very specific to the proxy you're using and the way you're using it and it's outside of the scope of Beats or Logstash individually.

Actually, it shouldn't be very difficult, you should just treat it as another network layer.

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Seems I did not describe my setup properly. I have filebeat installed at a client site that reaches the internet through a corporate proxy. I have my my elasticsearch and kibana publicly reachable on the internet. For logs to reach ES I had to set the proxy_url parameter. Is there a parameter I can set to make filebeat setup kibana through the proxy as well?

@lexicoder I've looked at the code, you are absolutely right, our current kibana implementation doesn't support the proxy_url option or the HTTP_PROXY environment variable, only the elasticsearch output does, I will create an issue for that.

I think the only option that you have is to do the setup on a machine that doesn't need the proxy to access the kibana instance and configure Filebeat to not try to setup the dashboard using the option:

setup.dashboards.enabled: false

I've created the issue

Thanks a lot for clarifying this.

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