Filebeat starting error

I get the error when I start the filebeat. How can I solve this?

ERROR instance/beat.go:951 Exiting: Failed to start crawler: starting input failed: Error while initializing input: Can only start an input when all related states are finished: {Id: native::9834799-64770, Finished: false, Fileinfo: &{scripts.log 2239159 436 {691295292 63739143450 0x607ff60} {64770 9834799 1 33204 1003 1003 0 0 2239159 4096 4392 {1603546679 297173250} {1603546650 691295292} {1603546650 691295292} [0 0 0]}}, Source: /home/test/application/release/current_release/scripts/log/scripts.log, Offset: 0, Timestamp: 2020-10-24 16:38:00.415859717 +0300 +03 m=+0.083381773, TTL: -1ns, Type: log, Meta: map[], FileStateOS: 9834799-64770}



Can you check if there is a Filebeat already running? Also one thing you can try is to remove data directory where Filebeat stores registries and info about files that has parsed. However this will make Filebeat to read all log files from the beginning.


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