Filebeat stops harvesting files after logrotate

I'm using wazuh kibana plugin and using filebeat to ship alerts to elasticsearch. Filebeat stop indexing data to wazuh-alerts index daily at midnight. I will be able to see new data only after restarting filebeat and it will start indexing data till midnight 12:00 AM, again I need to restart filebeat to get the data indexed to eleasticsearch. I can see that old alerts.json files are moved to archive folder by wazuh logrotate and newly created alerts.json file got new inode number. How to fix this issue without restartiing filebeat, I coudn't find any erros in elasticseatch and filebeat logs.


It could be an issue with log rotation. Can you check and properly configure your Filebeat so as to handle log rotation?


I have done like that in the doc but no change. Is this relevant in this scenario

Can you run Filebeat in debug mode and and share the logs in order to check the flow and why filebeat stops shipping?

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