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Dear Members,

I had installed filebeat 6.3.2 agent in linux server and enabled the filebeat system module. When i view the events in kibana it's showing +3 hours ahead . my server timzone is GMT +3 . If i change the kibana advanced settings "dateFormat:tz" to UTC then i get the correct timestamp in kibana view.

The result is same if i enable var.convert_timezone true also same result

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Filebeat publishes timestamps in UTC-0. Processing happens in Ingest Node.

Changing the setting var.convert_timezone requires you to reinstall the pipelines via filebeat setup --pipelines.

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When i see the ingest pipeline of the 6.3.2 version it's converting the timestamp. That's where the confusion

        "date" : {
          "field" : "system.auth.timestamp",
          "target_field" : "@timestamp",
          "formats" : [
            "MMM  d HH:mm:ss",
            "MMM dd HH:mm:ss"
          "ignore_failure" : true
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Thanks . i also directly edited "timezone" parameter in date processor with the correct timezone on the respective pipeline also worked

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