[Filebeat System] Syslog dashboard ECS

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on the Dashboard "Syslog dashboard ECS" there is the following Visualization:

This Visualization is a Markdown:

Can someone tell me where to find the path /dashboard/Filebeat-syslog-dashboard-ecs ?
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Doesn't the link work when the Visualization is displayed? What's happening in that case? Which version of the Elastic stack are you using?

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Thank you for your reply.

The link works fine. My concern is the following: I want to replace one of the components of the dashboard by a Visualization that I created, so I made a copy of the dashboard, renamed it, and inserted my Visualization. When I click on the Syslog button, I get the old Visualization, not my own.
I think I have to modify the path in the Markdown to take into account the new dashboard. But I don't know the id of the new dashboard. Where can I find this id?

I hope you understand my concern.

Oh, I get it. So the ID of the new dashboard you can get when opening it. it's then part of the url. When opening it, have a look into the URL for the following part

That's the id you need to change in your markdown link

Thank you very much :+1:

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