Filebeat to collect Pega logs and to send to ELK machine

Hi All,

Facing big challenge while setting up and testing the filebeat on a Pega machine and to send the json logs to filebeat.once this is succesful need to parse the logs to elk stack.

Kindly help.typically new to this env.

What's the challenge?

This is a pega log monitoring using ELK and File beat.
I have installed complete ELK stack on one of my ec2 machine, and on my another machine where (Application Server) Pega is installed I have my filebeat for collecting Pega logs. I don't know how to set path for filebeat to collects pega logs in json format, Here how can I change the pega logs into JSON format, I need your help in configuring the Filebeat.yml as I am a very new to this task,

Have you run through

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